How to rent an apartment

1. Rental Enquiry:
Send us your requirements by email and we will send you a detailed proposal.
Indicate the number of the apartment that you would like to rent.
Indicate how long you would like to rent? Minimum rental period is 1 week.
Contracts are monthly extendable. Indicate the date you would like to start renting.
2. Our proposal:
Once you have sent in your requirements, we will send you a proposal by return email.
If this proposal meets your requirements, please confirm by email a.s.a.p. in order for us to
book the apartment for you. The booking will expire after 2 days if we did not receive
any valid confirmation such as a confirmation email.
3. Lease:
Once received your confirmation we will ask your exact details in order to establish the lease.
This document has to be signed by a corporate representative or by the tenant.
Please send 2 copies to us.
4. Deposit:
A deposit equaling the amount of the first month’s rental price is charged
in case of any damages in the apartment throughout the rental period.
5. Prices:
All prices include:
Taxes, Central Heating, Electricity, Wireless Internet and free usage of bath & bed linen.
Cleaning is excl.
6. Cleaning:
All prices are all-in, excl. cleaning. Cleaning costs €60/time.
Also, every rental requires an exit cleaning, charged at €120. This exit cleaning is obligatory.
7. Payment facilities:
Invoices can be paid by bank transfer.
8. Retrieving keys:
Contact us to arrange an agreement where and when keys will be handed over.
9. Check in:
During check in you will be required to complete the remarks list
according to the inventory list (which you can find inside your apartment).
Once this has been done you are required to hand over this document to us.
10. Check out:
During check out you are obliged to hand over the keys to us before 12 noon.
For any further administrative or financial matters, please contact us.